Camosun Spring Residence

No Applications are required or requested.
The Summer Residency is awarded to a second year Visual Arts student (or past graduate of 3 years or less) who is strongly self-motivated, shows creativity and who fosters community spirit. The Visual Arts Department provides studio space and a faculty advisor through an Independent Study course.
The Robert J. Van den Brink Visual Arts Summer Residency Award will be presented to a student who:
Is a registered 2nd year Visual Arts student or past graduate of 3 years or less of the Camosun College Visual Arts Program. Submits a Letter of Intent and a Portfolio supporting the letter. Submits a separate application as an Independent Study (some media restrictions apply). The Independent Study Application takes the form of a Project Proposal. See the Chair of the Visual Arts Program for further information.
The Summer Residency takes place annually in the Spring (May and June) and will conclude with an exhibition of work made during the Residency. The Exhibition will take place at the end of June.
Value: $1,000(a portion of the award will go directly to the Independent Study course fee and the remainder used for supplies and material related to the Summer Residency)

Donor: Robert J. Van den Brink Memorial

About Willie Seo
Visual Artist

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